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We get asked from time to time, when do I need to test and inspect my electrical installation.

Testing and Inspection of an electrical installation depends on certain criteria and ranges across the many levels of installations and properties from Domestic to Industrial.

Following is a rough guide to when a periodic inspection (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is recommended to be carried out.

​Items marked with * requires a legal requirement for re-tests at these intervals.
Type of installation Max. period betwe en inspections
Domestic 10 Years
Commercial 5 Years
Education 5 Years
Hospital 5 Years
Industrial 3 Years
Cinema 1 Year*
Church 5 Years
Leisure 1 Year
Public 1 Year
Theatre 1 Year*
Agriculture 3 Years
Caravans 3 Years
Caravan Site 1 Year*
Emergency Lighting 3 Years
Fire Alarm 1 Year
Laundrette 1 Year*
Petrol Station 1 Year*
Pub 5 Years
Marina 1 Year
Highway 6 Years
Temporary 3 Months